Best Impact Wrench Under 100

The impact wrench is basically used to tighten and loosen different nuts, bolts and screws. There are different types which can either be cordless or electric. They come with different features and it is therefore advisable to have more information on the wrenches to help user pick the best option.

Enertwist ET-IW-1020 electric Impact Wrench

This powerful wrench sells at about $70 on amazon and comes with 1050 pounds of nut bursting torque meaning that it can easily loosen the rusted nuts or those nuts that have never been loosened for many years that would be a problem to deal with.  It weighs about 8.2 pounds and therefore cannot be used for long period of time. It restricts the user’s movements since it is constantly tied to a power cord.

Dewalt Xtreme 12V Impact Wrench

This is a good wrench to handle those smaller nuts and bolts because it can easily access the small spaces. It has different speed modes which can be changed at the top of the tool when the user wants to change the settings.

When using this wrench that sells at $99 at amazon, the user will not have to worry about making the nuts too tight since it will automatically reduce speed when the nut is tight and also reduces speed when the nut has loosened so the user will not worry about the nut flying away.More at

Dobetter DBCIW20 Cordless Impact Wrench

This wrench comes with good power ratings of 300 foot pounds of nut bursting torque, meaning that it can take care of the tight nuts while it has 260 foot pounds of tightening torque, meaning that the user will not have to worry about making the nut too tight.

It is heavy with a weight of 7 pounds and therefore cannot be used for longer period. It is however not very long lasting and therefore not good for daily use.

VonHaus Cordless Impact Wrench

This is a large wrench that weighs about 7 pounds. It is therefore had to hold while operating it and can only be used for a short while. It loosens with a speed of 300 foot pounds and uses 260 foot pounds for tightening, and it sells at $72 at amazon. It however does not come with options to change the speed.

TZTool 1200 Impact Wrench

This is an air wrench that needs a big volume compressor to function properly. It however needs to be maintained frequently since it requires oiling before and after use.  It is powerful and comes with 875 foot pounds nut- bursting torque and 650 foot pounds for tightening torque.


When looking for the best impact wrench, it is necessary to get reviews from the sellers so that the user can make good decision based on the type of work he would want to be done. If one is looking for a wrench that will be used on a daily basis, then you probably will have to spend a little more than $100. More at

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