Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant Features And Components

A Tile Adhesive Manufacturing machine is also known as a tile bond making machine and is used to make tile adhesive or tile bond. With the rapid development of the construction industry, there has been a high demand in the construction industry for tile adhesives, and therefore tile adhesive manufacturing plant to manufacture it. A tile adhesive manufacturing machine does not only produce tile adhesive but can also be used to manufacture a wide range of other types of dry mortar like ordinary dry mortar or dry mortar with special features such a sound absorption, thermal insulation, and radiation protection among others.

tile adhesive mixing plant
tile adhesive mixing plant

What is Tile Adhesive?

Tile adhesive, called polymer adhesive mortar, is mainly used to bond tiles together and is made out of cement and quartz sand that are mixed together with a polymer binder and a variety of additives. Tile adhesive solves the problems normally associated with floor tiles, ceramic wall tiles, and other tile materials that lack special high-quality adhesive materials in the paste construction. It provides a reliable type of tile adhesive for the construction industry. Get more details here:https://bestonconstruction.com/dry-mix-mortar-plant/.

A Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant has 3 main types:

1. Small tile adhesive making machine features a simple layout, is easy to install and maintain, and requires a relatively low capital investment with quick returns.

2. A Medium tile adhesive making machine is a simple type of dry mortar production line that features flexibility with a compact structure that can easily be installed in a standard industrial workshop as it takes up little floor space. It requires less investment than a large, fully automatic industrial size machine.

3. A fully automatic tile adhesive manufacturing plant has a high degree of automation and is best for bulk systems. It features a weighing system as well as a packaging system.

Aimix Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant in South Africa
Aimix Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant in South Africa

The Components of a Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Plant

– A Wet Sand Drying machine that is equipped with a dryer to reduce the content of water in the sand by 50%.
– A Raw Material Storage System to store raw materials
– A Hoisting System with a bucket elevator
– A Conveying System with a belt conveyor and a screw conveyor
– A Weighing System
– A Dry Mortar Mixing System
– A Packing system to pack the adhesive into bags and either store it in silos or deliver directly to the site.
– Dust Collection System to collect excess dust from the drying, weighing, mixing, and packing systems to help protect the environment.
– Control System that is either fully automatic or semi-automatic according to choice.

tile adhesive manufacturing plant sale
tile adhesive manufacturing plant sale

Tile Adhesive Manufacturing Production Line

The working process of a tile adhesive manufacturing plant involves placing raw materials into the drying system to reduce the water content. After the water content has been qualified it is transferred to a storage tank using the hoist.
Next, all the components including sand, cement, coal ash, additives, and raw materials are weighed and sent to a dry mortar mixer to be mixed evenly.
When the mixture has been thoroughly mixed it is sent it sent to the finished products bin for storage. The mixture can then be packaged and stored in cement silos until ready to transport or delivered directly to the industrial site.

A full instruction service from processing design to mortar mix ratios is included to ensure the proper and efficient operation of the plant.